The Professional version of EES provides the capability to create distributable programs from EES files. These programs can be run without EES and they can be freely distributed to persons that do not own EES. Several useful distributable programs are provided here. Simply click on the name of the file to download to your local machine. Check back often as new files are routinely added.

File Date Added File Size Description
Internal Combustion Engines July 22, 2010 6.9 MB This distributable program provides animations of 2-stroke, 4-stroke and Diesel internal combustions engines. Plots showing pressure and temperature as a function of crank angle are included.
Property Calculator Oct 26, 2016 4.0 MB EES distributable program that calculates the thermodynamic properties of a real fluid (in SI and Eng units) given any two independent properties.
Psychrometric Property Calculator Mar 4, 2011 2265 kB EES distributable program that calculates the psychrometric properties and displays a psychrometric chart.
Chemical Equilibrium Jan 9, 2019 3 MB EES distributable program that calculates adiabatic combustion temperatures and equilibrium mole fractions of 14 species.
Collector Design Program Jan 20, 2009 2.2 MB CoDePro is an executable program written in EES to provide solar collector design capability. The program was written by J.M. Koo, S.A. Klein and W.A. Beckman. The zip file provides an executable program and a manual in Word format.
PV 5-Parameter Model Nov 20, 2018 4.0 MB PV_Ref_Params is a distributable program that determines the parameters for the DeSoto, Klein Beckman 5-Parameter Photovoltaic model
Adiabatic Combustion July 24, 2010 5.4 MB This distributable calculates the adiabatic combustion temperature of a selected fuel (methane, ethane, propane, butane, or hydrogen) with user-specified inlet fuel and air temperatures and % theoretical air.