EES Instant Update & Technical Service (IUTS)

Download Academic Version

Registered program administrators have been sent an email with download information for the 2020 Academic EES program. If you are the administrator of an Academic version and you have not received our email (sent on May 26, 2020), check your SPAM folder or contact us at before the September 1 deadline.

The Academic EES program released in 2020 will not expire. The update must be installed before September 1, 2020 in order to avoid a required payment. More information on the new Academic EES distribution policy is available at Academic Update Service.

The current Academic version of EES on the server is V10.836.

New non-academic EES licenses include one year of Instant Update and Technical Support (IUTS) service. IUTS service can be renewed.

EES is an unusual program in that it is under continuous development. New versions appear frequently - often daily. The new versions fix bugs in older versions and add new capabilities. With Instant Update Service, users can download a new version from our server whenever they wish to update. The cost for this service is 20% of current cost of the program per year. The update cost is 40% of the current cost for EES versions that have not been updated within the last two years. Users with IUTS are provided with an account name and password to our server from which they can download a new Commercial or Professional version of EES from our website when they wish to do so. Users must have a current subscription to IUTS to receive technical support.

Named and multi-user (non-academic) EES licenses will remain active for 5 years. The term of an EES license will be extended with the renewal of Instant Update and Technical Service (IUTS). A license will be terminated (and IUTS cannot be renewed) if 4 or more years have passed since the IUTS expiration date.

Download Latest EES

You may order IUTS online.

The current version of EES on the server is V10.895.